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Why an Infill?

Established neighborhoods

Living in a new infill home boasts lots of features not easily available in the suburbs. Infill homes are situated in well matured and establish neighborhoods. Mature trees, parks and schools are all within a stone's throw away.

infill saskatoon

Walking distance to ammenities

Benefits of living in a Saskatoon Infill home, you are in close proximity to Broadway and Downtown district, Saskatchewan river, University of Saskatchewan, and numerous parks and schools!

Saskatoon infill

New home on the Block

Where the old dilapidated home once stood, is now your brand new infill home! We love the old character homes in our core Saskatoon neighborhoods, but if the home has been neglected we feel its better for the neighborhood to tear down the old home and build a new infill home to take its place.

saskatoon infill homes
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